We are Event!t


In today’s competitive world, Event!t differentiate themselves from their competitors by putting the customer experience on the top of their priority list. The firm’s vision is to consistently provide excellent customer service. Event!t meet with a specific target audience on a face-to-face basis to acquire new customers for their clients and to build long-lasting relationships and increase brand loyalty. Our clients often wonder why they didn’t Event!t sooner.

Working with some of Australia’s largest and well-known corporate & non-profit organisations, and we have successfully developed campaigns for a wide range of industries, and can provide you with the experience and skill to drop your camouflage and get noticed. So, what are you waiting for? Event!t.

It’s not always an easy decision to outsource and we understand that successful outsourcing relies on trust and transparency. This is why we offer all our clients detailed campaign progress reports, to keep you updated and offer peace of mind.


Direct Marketing96%
Customer Acquisition92%
Lead Generation89%

At Event!t, we make customer satisfaction our top priority. As a result we specialise in personalised direct marketing techniques to ensure their needs are met. We meet with customers in person, so that we can promote our clients’ products to them in person, offering them the opportunity to ask questions about the product before making a purchase. With communication tools rife, it is more important than ever to provide customer service that a prospect will want to share.

By being in control of the buying purchase, we ensure each prospect receives a positive and polite customer experience, and a result they will tell their friends and family about how good the service is. Such forms of recommendation are priceless, so we take our form of direct, personalised marketing very seriously.

Event!t today to see your customer acquisition go through the hoof!